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The artist Francesco Clemente with the Palimpsest exhibition in Frankfurter Schirn until September 4, 2011

    Photo by Maass

Palimpsest is an exhibition of superlatives, because over-sized watercolors fill the room. Nevertheless, the artist dominates the large format very skillfully, which is not likely to be so easy when watercolor painting, considering how quickly dry the inks. In the glazin technique where not many opportunities to correct remaining. This painting therefore lives on only in the very moment of creation.

With Francesco Clemente keep the forms at their balance. First, it is a very modern artists of the younger generation. Anyone who deals with the content of his work will discover much unusual here. His visual language dissolves and traditions of previous attempts to break new ground. On the other hand, he is already an established artist and found in many museums and collections. In this respect he is a borderline case.

His watercolors have great measure approximately 4 x 2 meters and hang in a kind of synopsis in the great hall of the Schirn. The room design is chosen to be very wide and open. Right and left on the side walls hang large pictures in a row like that and in predominantly fruity colors, yellow, orange and green. The total length of the watercolor extends over a distance of around 18 meters.

Not only watercolors can be found in the exhibition, including large-format oil paintings and pastels in mixed media from painting to prove anything. Francesco Clemente has an idiosyncratic visual language that set him apart from other artists. That makes him seem interesting. Even though he did not even break the laws of aesthetics, if it even exists.

Impressive are the picture in picture compositions, the burp at him and pushed into the foreground. But there are no stories which are told only that would be too banal. His paintings consist of a variety of timeless symbols and myths that result is also a means of communication with the viewer in front of the picture.






The Schirn Kunsthalle presents some 40 works of Francesco Clemente, in a period of 1978 - 2011. Conceived in collaboration with the artist exhibition deals with the importance of the palimpsest technique in Clemente's work. The historical operation of the redemption and overlay fulfill a universal theme of human consciousness. Curator of the exhibition is Pamela Kort. It was funded by the Deutsche Bank Foundation. An exhibition catalog has been published, where in addition to the works of the exhibition more not shown in the exhibition are images of the artist. Information is also the conversation that has led to Pamela Kort, Francesco Clemente, and which is reproduced in the catalog in German and in English.

Francesco Clemente
in his studio, New York City, with "A History of the Heart in Three Rainbows (I)", 2009
Photography: © Sante D'Orazio

The catalog says: A palimpsest is a document written by the scraping of an earlier text is. Many texts are therefore just as Scripture handed down in Scripture. An overlap and fragmentation in order to create something new. Thus, Francesco Clemente, visitors to the Schirn under the title: A History of Heart in Three Rainbows three scroll-like watercolors of eighteen feet in length. With a brush and blotted out Clemente changed not only the surface of the paper, gently and carefully will see a new picture. Alongside this work he presents a series of abstract and designed for the Schirn photographs, which were assembled into a monumental body of work. They show fragments of objects, images and paintings from his New York studio. Other key works from the past 30 years can be found in the same connection, in the long rooms of the house. The exhibition design was by Bill Katz and Pamela Kort developed in collaboration with Francesco Clemente. The artist lives in New York, India and Italy, where the predominant influences come to his artistic activity. The closer look at again and again also get a time-critical background when garbage and waste remains disordered in the street or a uniformed soldier is stationed next to a bottle of Fanta. Also, the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, had early acquired several years ago, especially the artist's graphic works, which are among the rich collection since the museum collection.

Francesco Clemente: Palimpsest
Gregory Corso (Author), Robert Creeley (Author), Alan Ginsberg (Author), Peter Handke (Author), Francesco Clemente (Author)
168 pages, hardcover
Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuernberg
95 pictures in color
Language: English, German
Format: 26,6 x 24,8 x 2 cm
Weight: 1045g
ISBN: 978-3869842257


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