KS wins competition for new landmark

Release: Kjellander Sjöberg



Kjellander Sjöberg architects has won the competition for Nacka Port, a new urban district situated in the area between Nacka and Stockholm. The site has previously been identified by Nacka Municipality as a suitable location for a distinct landmark. The block will contribute to a vibrant urban context with an inviting and varied program.

- “Nacka Port is a great opportunity to design a building with three dimensional sculptural qualities as well as a humanistic and dynamic program. The block has great potential to become a sustainable and vibrant urban environment, increasing the concentration of the area”, Stefan Sjöberg, architect.

Three architecture offices were invited to the competition, which was carried out in dialogue with Nacka Municipality and Architects Sweden. The planning process has now begun, aiming for a legally binding development plan in 2020. The project is commissioned by Nacka Port AB.

A varied and interesting context
Nacka Port, the block Klinten, is in a diverse urban setting between the commercial centre Sickla köpkvarter and the district of Hammarby Sjöstad, with features of both an archipelago environment and older industrial buildings. The competition program called for a solution to how valuable local experiences can be created, combined with a distinct and meaningful building that strengthens the identity, nodes and paths of the area as well as improving the connections within the urban setting. Using the historically interesting industrial environment around the Klinten paint factory as a point of departure, the winning proposal generates new types of urban spaces, and contributes to a local, inviting city life.

A three-dimensional urban block
The project creates a sequence of squares diagonally through the block, flexible and open, with varying characteristics that invite initiatives from residents, markets and open air-cafés. The block also provides spaces facing the surrounding neighborhood where pedestrians and cyclists can stop by. The block is composed of a lower part facing the adjacent traffic and a unified volume to the southwest, which divides into two towers of different heights. Two staggered facades face the south and the future park. The setbacks generated along the staggered sides of the building comprise communal and private terraces suitable for cultivation and greenery. The block is designed to provide varied impressions from different directions, a three-dimensional fluid experience.

A positive vision of the future
The core of the Nacka Port concept focuses on creating a positive vision of the future needs of both humans and our planet. A tall building that is carbon positive, lifecycle-adapted with renewable materials and a healthy microclimate, focusing on ecosystem services. Nacka Port will be a place to connect and create an inspiring urban and sustainable lifestyle.


Kulturexpress   ISSN 1862-1996


May 14, 2018